Thursday, February 19, 2009

A blog about bows and such.

Do you go to desperate measures to make your kids cute?

Just wondering.

Like making sure the ruffle of the girl's sock is folded over just right? 

Or re-doing the part in her hair five times until its finally straight? 

Does it really matter?  

And would you honestly go to your ribbon stash and whip out a bow in 30 seconds just cuz you didn't have one that matched her current outfit?
And then made your husband 10 minutes late? (hehehehe...oops)
Yeah, that one was a bit insane on my part.

Are you sensing we have something in common?  (please say yes in your head).  Then, welcome to this blog!  This blog is for EVERYONE!  It's like visiting my house, but not.  Cuz you're busy.  And I'm probably making bows.  Or busy being a mommy.  Some of you know how that goes. So let's pretend we're all friends already.  Yay!

When you need a quick blog fix, come on over!  I just started a little Etsy shop.  I'll be posting about how well or not so well that is going.  And about life as a mommy with girls and bows.  Feel free to spread the word....anyone is welcome to add my blog to your bloglist/feed.

PS- What desperate measures have YOU taken lately to get your kids ready?

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