Monday, April 20, 2009

Etsy Shop Goes on Vacation

I had an idea. (sell bows)

I gave it a name. (Sugar On Top Boutique)

I put it to the test. (Etsy)

I had a great time.

I heard about a law. (CPSIA)

I couldn't sleep.

I put my shop on "vacation mode."

But not because I am in the Bahamas.

Now we wait.

Until I am sure my supplies comply with the law.

The future of this BLOG?

Stay tuned.


My baby ballerina. A perfect little sou-sous.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Social Business Concept in Action-- Charity Auction

I'm participating in a small way...

All proceeds of this auction will go to Mom It Forward.

"The Secret is in the Sauce" is hosting this amazing event.
(Scroll almost all the way to the bottom to see my item in the auction. You can leave a comment there if you'd like to bid! It's not much, but I'm donating a custom-made hair bow of the winner's choice, and the Disney DVD, "101 Dalmations" ).

I was first introduced to the idea of social businesses by my brother-in-law last summer. I am very intrigued by this concept. "A social business aims to be financially self-sufficient, if not profitable, in its pursuit of a social, ethical or environmental goal." Basically, they are founded upon the theory of using financial, networking, and many other resources to empower other people for the good of humanity. Where profits are made, they are used to stimulate small businesses in needy places, from my understanding.

Here is a social business I'd like to introduce you to:

PS- This is really bad timing, seeing as I'll probably have more traffic here than usual, but I just put my Etsy shop on vacation mode for a while. I'm sorry you won't be able to view the bows in my shop, but this blog will still be active, so check in periodically, and I'll let you know when my shop returns!
(There's this new law that is consuming my every thought, and it's really strict about lead levels. I feel it's my duty to make sure all my products are compliant with it before I am willing to sell anymore).
To the person who wins the custom hair bow- I'm buying some new supplies that are certified with all the new laws, so rest assured! We'll be in touch!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Lifted to a more whimisical look"

I found this hilarious article on, "About Hair Bows"... So, here's your history lesson for today.

Did you know...

Ancient peoples adorned their hair with bits of bone or sticks as a way to symbolize a strong leader, singling him out as the superior. Cultures that followed continued the custom of decorating hair with a variety of objects to look attractive. (Moms, a great way to teach your child leadership, LOL).

The hair bow styles of the early 1900s were hugely oversized bows, usually decorating the heads of little girls, often taking up an entire side of their face. (That's funny)

A hair bow has two main functions: adding beauty, color and style to a hairstyle, and covering up a plain elastic band that is holding the hair in place. (No, really)?

Without the hair bow, a child's hairstyle can look functional and serious. With the use of a hair bow, a child's hairstyle is lifted to a more whimsical look. (A look we're all after).

Even the most stubborn child likes to feel beautiful and special, and sometimes a little bow made of ribbon can achieve that affect. (If my child is that stubborn, she probably won't hold still to have a bow put in her hair).

To see the entire article, click here. To learn how to buy a draft horse, click here. To learn how to clip an awake baby's fingernails, click here. Or to learn how to marry a film producer, click here.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My First Feature!

My Etsy shop was just featured for the first time on an awesome blog, The Virgin Knitter.

To check out the interview by Emilee, go here.
To check out her Etsy shop, go here.



Another snow day.

Another challenge:
Learn how to make pictures on my blog BIGGER.

If you love photography, like I do, and want to look like you know what you're doing, enlarge your pics! I'm pretty sure all photography blogs post their pictures larger. So much easier to view, and pleasing to the eye.

Leave a comment if you want to learn. Perhaps I will do a tutorial.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A new spin on HAIR Bows

Check out these HAIR Bows! And I mean that in the most literal sense. Either you'll love them or hate them. I'm not sure which styles are made from their real hair, and which are just pin ons. I actually think Paris pulls it off well. Tell me what you think!

Though I would like to take credit for these pictures, I cannot. Visit HERE to see the site where I found these amazing hair pics.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You won't believe what I won!!!!!


I'm so excited I could faint!

I have the best news ever...


Aren't you so excited that you "know" me!

Looks like I'll have TONS to blog about.

I will be posting lots of pictures about the whole process.

And guess what else?

This is an awful joke.

April Fools!


I only WISH it was me who won the HGTV Dream Home.

It was my sis who gave me this idea.

Sorry to let you down everyone!

Stay tuned for next year's prank. Be prepared. :)