Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Lifted to a more whimisical look"

I found this hilarious article on, "About Hair Bows"... So, here's your history lesson for today.

Did you know...

Ancient peoples adorned their hair with bits of bone or sticks as a way to symbolize a strong leader, singling him out as the superior. Cultures that followed continued the custom of decorating hair with a variety of objects to look attractive. (Moms, a great way to teach your child leadership, LOL).

The hair bow styles of the early 1900s were hugely oversized bows, usually decorating the heads of little girls, often taking up an entire side of their face. (That's funny)

A hair bow has two main functions: adding beauty, color and style to a hairstyle, and covering up a plain elastic band that is holding the hair in place. (No, really)?

Without the hair bow, a child's hairstyle can look functional and serious. With the use of a hair bow, a child's hairstyle is lifted to a more whimsical look. (A look we're all after).

Even the most stubborn child likes to feel beautiful and special, and sometimes a little bow made of ribbon can achieve that affect. (If my child is that stubborn, she probably won't hold still to have a bow put in her hair).

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kimberly said...

I love this!
I have several old pics of my grandmothers (oldest one born in 1915), great aunts....and even THEIR mothers with enormous hair bows. Very cool :D