Monday, March 23, 2009

Lookie what I did!

A great way to spend your day when you are snowed in...
And I mean snowed in!

Challenge yourself.

I thought for sure if I ever wanted a button link, I'd be paying some computer whiz genious to figure it out for me.

But guess what people...

It turns out I am a computer whiz genious!!!!!

Do you see that clever little {GRAB OUR BUTTON} link on the sidebar?

I did that!!!

Me, who 2 years ago was still emailing pictures to all my relatives instead of blogging, who one year ago was standing in line at Wal-Mart for an hour with 2 kids in the cart while I edited alllll of my pictures instead of using editing software at home, 9 months ago didn't even know the difference between a P&S camera and an SLR camera, and 3 months ago wasn't even on Facebook yet!

I repeat. Challenge yourself. See what can happen?

In the past 2 months, I have started a business, learned graphic design, improved my photography skills, oh, and made a lot of bows.

In the past half hour, I learned how to add a button link to my blog. I'm so excited!

Baby steps.

By the way, you can add it to your blog to!

Should you accept...Here is your own personal challenge for the day:
Highlight, right-click and copy the code below my Babyface button.
On your Blogger Blog, click on Customize.
Click on Add a Gadget.
Click on HTML/JavaScript.
Right-click and paste. There's the code!
Give it a title if you want.
Voila and thank you!
While you're at it, feel free to leave a comment or become a follower of this blog :)

Remember, you're never too stupid for the computer. And here's a little secret... It wasn't that hard. I believe in sharing, so click here for directions on how to get your own Blog Button!

Thanks for helping me promote Sugar On Top Boutique. New bows will be listed in my Etsy shop soon.

Oh. And. If you feel so inclined to add the button to your blog, I will send you a free Basic Bow Holder with any order of one or more bows from my etsy shop. (I will show you what they look like in a future post). At checkout, mention Blog Button and the link to your blog, and I will include it, free of charge!

Let it snow!!!


Michelle said...

congratulations on your accomplishment - good job!

The Chocoholic said...

Hi there!
Stopping by via SITS to read your post.
Have a great day!

Michaela said...

Congrats!! Isn't it nice learning something new? I'll have to add it to my blogroll =)

Brinn said...

wahoo! Nice work m'dear, you are turning into quite the techno-savvy chica :) So impressed!