Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why I watch A.I.

What would you think if the judges told you that you were "so commercial?" "the package deal." "your face is so commercial." (speaking of faces, someday i will post one of my own. just to prove i have one). i know it's supposed to be a compliment. it just soesn't sound very complimentary. unless it was my bows they were talking about. hehe

ANYWAY, here are the reasons I watch American Idol....

to hear the sassy comments Simon has to say.

to vicariously live on stage through the contestants.

to count how many times Paula stutters. she appeared to be "all there" last night.

to make use of the DVR!
just to see how Gentle Norman can really be. (please bring him back)!

some comfy couch time with the Mister.

motivation to get the kids to bed.

These are all good reasons....
but really....
the number one reason is....

so I can relax and make bows!!!!
(ok, actually spending time with my Mister is way better, but bows are a close second)

The American Idol bows~


Julie said...

Your bows are too cute! Welcome to the SITS community :)

The Rambler said...

I heart AI also! :)

I was doing a post while I watched it.

AND I laughed so hard when you made your comment about Paula!

I'm constantly through my post saying my little comments :)


Welcome to SITS!!