Monday, March 16, 2009

The Missing Trend

We all love our Hollywood babies. They are soooooo cute. This post is in no way meant to criticize their parent's parenting skills or their adorableness.

But I really am mystified about one thing.

They've got the clothes.

They've got the shoes.

They've got the strollers.

They've got gorgeous parents.

They are the trendsetters.


something is missing.

Where are the hair bows???

The hair do's???

It appears to me that our Hollywood babies are not trendsetters when it comes to hair. Check it out. See what you think.

She's got some great genes. I know Angelina's a busy mom, but someone please encourage a little pony tail on top!
What IS that pony-tail thing on top of Violet's head? At least they tried. But still. I guess it'd pass if there was a bow or flower attached somewhere. Maybe her Dad did her hair that morning. If that's the case.... A+.
Look at that head of gorgeous dark hair. How has it been left untouched? Oh, I just want to grab a comb and put little piggies on the sides of Suri's head. And two little polka dot bows.I'm thinkin' a little barrette to pull back the bangs. Oh wait! Is that a boy? Never mind, perfect as you are!
I get annoyed when my hair is hanging in my face. How do you think little Apple feels?
Goodness knows that I don't have my children dolled up every single day, especially when we just stay at home. But when we actually go out, that is my excuse to do their hair! Add a bow! Make 'em match! I feel like my kids look orphaned when their hair is all amuck. Adding a bow doesn't turn them into perfect little pixie-angles, but it does increase their cuteness factor times ten! Not everyone feels the same way I do about bows, obviously, so...... Let's help 'em out. We'll add a little 'sugar on top' for them.

How 'bout a flower?
Yes! Love it!
Oh, how cute!
Positively darling!
And if you need more inspiration, check out all the HAIR BLOGS I have listed under my "Need a Hair-do" category. There are some seriously talented hairdressers out there! Sometimes you don't even need a bow when their hair looks THIS good. Other times, a bow is just the right touch!
So.....what do you think? Am I on to something here? Have you ever noticed to same thing? Someone please tell me if you know of a celebrity baby who has her hair done regularly! I need to know!


Alex the Girl said...

No kidding!

Amanda said...

Now that you mention it, the celebrity kids DO usually look like their hair needs brushed even. And a lot of the boys look like girls. They can have that long moppy hair without being girly.

Hair Between my Fingers said...

I never notice that before! I think that you are right... they need to have their hair done.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Hilarious post. Truly inspired that you affixed bows on each of these pretty little girls' heads.

There must be a way to ship these Mom's some samples. Seriously. One picture in US Weekly and you would have it made! :)


susette said...

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Elisa said...

Haha. I love how you photoshopped bows on all those ragamuffins. You rock Rachel.